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The AlloSphere: An Introduction with Questions

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The AlloSphere is a one of a kind immersive research facility at UC Santa Barbara. Directed & invented by Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, the research group includes talented researchers, graduate students and postdocs from the Media Arts & Technology (MAT) graduate program. The team’s expertise in building embodied interactive and immersive systems is critical for keeping the AlloSphere instrument running, evolving, and creating innovative research collaborations with leading artists and scientists. Thanks to recent support from generous donors and the UCSB administration, we have been working on some exciting collaborations.

National Science Foundation

In this last year, we have developed an exciting proposal for the National Science Foundation with our partner Virginia Tech University. Our regional collaborators at UC Irvine and Santa Cruz and AltaSea at the port of Los Angeles, as well as Virginia Tech’s regional collaborators, will join us in facilitating the scaling of the AlloSphere instrument and software suitable for museum installations, classrooms, and community organizations and venues. While we have accelerated our labs arts/science research practice by engaging with scientists exploring challenging problems ranging from climate change to quantum materials.

Our goal is to connect researchers around the world with the public and to tell the story of ocean health problems and find potential solutions.

NVIDIA's OmniVerse

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with NVIDIA, an American multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, CA. The Omniverse Project will enable interactive collaboration across the globe, facilitating public organizations to communicate, interact, and share information that is currently inaccessible to underserved communities.

MSG Sphere Inspired by the AlloSphere

Our alumni are currently placed at many universities, social organizations, companies, and startups and are lending their expertise to outstanding result.

AlloSphere mentors have been quite successful in educating future leaders to bring their knowledge, expertise, and collaborative models to advance creativity.

Your Support!

Because of community members like you, the AlloSphere Facility will be able to continue leading the way in cutting-edge research that makes a difference. Our talented AlloSphere research group is committed to moving the AlloSphere and all projects forward!

Please share this page to help grow the AlloSphere as a unique and important instrument within the UC Santa Barbara research landscape.

With gratitude, thank you!

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AlloSphere & Education Reform

Philanthropic "Transformational" Investment

There are numerous philanthropic giving options available to benefit the research and education missions of the AlloSphere.

For more information on scheduling an onsite/virtual meeting to discuss giving options, please directly contact Dr. Kuchera-Morin, the director of the AlloSphere Research Facility. Please contact the AlloSphere team at (805) 893-3010 or directly to

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact John Lofthus, Assistant Dean of Development, Graduate Initiatives. Please contact us at (805) 893-2190 or directly to

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AlloSphere & New Discoveries

Supporting a Student Researcher

Please consider a contribution directed to graduate student support. Support for top graduate students is crucial to facilitate the research agenda of the AlloSphere.

Typically it is the team of graduate students who take the scientific and technical data and work creatively with the involved faculty member or corporate representative to prepare the data for display in 3D. Extramural grant funding is often available to assist engineering and science students; financial support is typically less available for artists, musicians, and students enrolled in multidisciplinary programs like Media Arts and Technology.

For more information on giving opportunities directly impacting a students academic life, please contact Dr. Kuchera-Morin, the director of the AlloSphere Research Facility. Please contact our team at (805) 893-3010 or directly to

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Selected AlloSphere Research & the brain

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